Corporation Spotlight: Arataka Research Consortium

By ISD Jarrett Pelley

In an effort to bring you more information about your friends and neighbors, as well as enemies and rivals, we introduce the next in our semi-regular "Corporation Spotlight" series. This edition’s spotlight is on Arataka Research Consortium (-ARC-).

Arataka Research Consortium (-ARC-) describe themselves as “The administrative face of a research coalition composed of numerous corporate and alliance partners. Joined by a shared interest in exploring the frontiers of New Eden, ARC organizes operations against the Vigilant Tyrannos, and in support of multinational research and infrastructure goals.”

(-ARC-) currently has no logo but is running a competition with five plex up for grabs for first place given to the creator of the winning design. Details about the competition can be found here. The competition closes 8th of April.

But where did it all start? To answer this we spoke with Makoto Priano who is not only the founder of this alliance, but someone regularly seen on the forefront of Drifter-related reports and discussions. He has plans for an appearance to discuss Drifter-fighting methods at the upcoming Amarr Championship finals scheduled for later this year.

Makoto Priano explained exactly what the Arataka Research Consortium is:

“The Arataka Research Consortium is the natural progression from our expeditionary group that first penetrated the Drifter Hives in June of last year. With changes in Drifter behavior, with the developments occurring within the Hives, we needed to be able to maintain a more active schedule than our original group would allow. To that end, the group first formalized simply as the Consortium, and then with the announcement of the Upwell Consortium we formalized our name as the Arataka Research Consortium.”

He went on to say:

“ARC's a curious group as far as membership is concerned. To ensure no-one else claimed the name, we formed an alliance. However, we operate mostly as a public group, pulling pilots from a variety of sources. Our primary partners include Phoenix Naval Systems, Signal Cartel, Tyrathlion Interstellar, and Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque. Currently, we're doing weekly Drifter Hive penetrations, with payout to participants mostly in the form of Drifter Hive Elements. We might be stepping that tempo up to twice weekly, if pilots are up for it. We've also done Drifter Incursions, though the doctrine we settled on wasn't one we could use in a public group due to security issues. With that, we coordinated mostly with Ciniel's Dogma Project, which is now unfortunately mothballed with the Drifter retreat from k-space.”


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