The Initiative Ambushed in D-B7YK

By ISD Khiara Delvort

On the 10th October YC120, at around 13:20 a collection of lowsec and Nullsec entities ambushed a mixed-tank The Initiative[INIT.] supercapital fleet  in the system of D-B7YK over an Azbel.

The fight started when INIT deployed an Ishtar fleet to attack the Azbel belonging to the alliance of Shoot First. Northern Coalition.[NC.] deployed a Muninn fleet alongside a small selection of carriers to try and bait out a supercapital response. Before the Ishtar fleet was destroyed, a cynosural field went up and in jumped a sizeable INIT. supercapital fleet which included 12 titans and15 supercarriers, including a Revenant and Vendetta. Once the supercapital fleet materialised, a second cynosural field went up and in jumped a large dreadnought force, also referred to as a dreadbomb.

The Vendetta was instantly called primary. Unable to withstand the fire from 50-plus dreadnought, the Vendetta was soon reduced to a mass of formerly-expensive wreckage.

A Revenant was spotted among the supercapitals and the dreadnoughts focused their fire. Unusually for a Revenant, which would normally be shield-tanked, this example sported a full armor tank. Apostles tried to keep the Revenant alive but ultimately it too exploded.

The attacking forces already having destroyed two faction supercarriers went looking for more targets. Before the last dreadnought was killed, the battle would cost INIT. three titans in addition to the two faction supercarriers.

The fight took roughly 30 minutes with the majority of the attacking capital ships being destroyed. INIT. lost a total of 550+ Billion ISK including 3 Titans and 2 faction supercarriers while the attackers lost a total of 160+ Billion ISK. The battle report can be found here.

Additional Reporting:

Video from RistGaming

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Vendetta killmail

Revenant killmail

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