Quarter Trillion ISK in Imperium Assets Lost in N-8YET During State of the Alliance Address

By ISD Deloro

On YC119.08.04 Pandemic Legion [-10.0] managed to destroy two Supercarriers and nineteen Rorqual capital industrial ships belonging to The Imperium coalition's Brothers in Arms Alliance [BIA], as well as eleven other Imperium coalition sub-capital ships belonging to Goonswarm Federation [CONDI], The Bastion [BASTN] and The Initiative. [INIT.]

The Mittani, leader of The Imperium and alliance executor of Goonswarm Federation, was delivering his State of the Alliance, in which a northern deployment for the Imperium would be announced. While the address was underway, Pandemic Legion used the opportunity to turn its sights on a group of Rorquals in the system of N-8YET in Delve, the current home region of The Imperium.

The Imperium supercarrier pilots as well as Pandemic Legion FC penifSMASH declined to comment on the matter, but what is clear is that PL managed a successful drop on the Mining fleet by bringing nine Dreadnought capital ships, 24 Battleships including nine Bhaalgorns, eight Interdictors and several other vessels.

Normally such a drop on a mining fleet would receive a swift response of a standing fleet. In this case however, the outcome was certain as soon as the engagement had begun. Imperium pilots in local confirmed that there was no attempt to save the ships, because they were mining during the State of the Alliance speech. The Mittani himself reacted to the loss at the end of his speech: “[The] person who just lost a s**tload of Rorquals and a Hel ratting in a SOTG or mining during a SOTG, don’t use your capitals like an idiot when we are not in Delve.”

During the time until the publication of this article, more Rorqual industrial capital ships have been destroyed, giving the impression of a greater hunt. Surely, many predators will now have a closer look at the region of Delve and potential victims.

A total of 245.5 Billion ISK in assets as been lost by the Imperium with only one ship lost for Pandemic Legion, valued 73 Million ISK.

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