Mystery Still Surrounds Drifter Wormhole Contents

By ISD Jarrett Pelley

Artifacts and oddities discovered in the drifter wormholes continue to baffle and astound much of the scientific community. Very few of these newly discovered items have had their use or design explained.

Among the items recovered so far is a cerebral cortex slice from the frozen corpse of Dr Hilen Tukoss. What may be discovered from analysing this object is still unknown.  DED Director of Operations Arve Vesren has requested that any capsuleers who may have collected biomass from the site turn these samples over to the Directive Enforcement Department for analysis. It is hoped that this will result in the genetic confirmation of the remains as those of Dr. Tukoss, finally bringing the case of the missing scientist to a close. Lucas Raholan did not hand over the cerebral cortex slice in his possession immediately, but chose instead to complete his own analysis and that of other Companies outside of DED influence. At this time he has decided against giving the sample to the DED. His statement into the matter was clear and concise:

“With the release of this report and the analysis into Hilen's cerebral cortex, I have taken the remains back into my possession for safe archiving and storage as befitting the late doctor. In regards to CONCORD’s ‘request’ for it to be handed over to them, I must refuse such a request from an organisation that clearly makes no attempt to even respond to the threat posed by the Vigilant Tyrannos, an organisation so incompetent they failed to stop even the Minmatar terrorists they called ‘Elders’ from running rampage and whose edicts have lead to a state of forever war between empires causing untold numbers of deaths, all while still purporting to stand for the protection of peace. Such a group is not one I care to trust or even believe can stand against a foe with clear technological superiority”

Other noteworthy objects include five different indexes each filled with unfamiliar mathematical algorithms and a recalibration code that makes the index a one-use only passkey. Each index appears to open a vault in the wormhole that bears its name.

Inside the wormholes, complex mazes eventually lead to heavily guarded Drifter vaults. Inside of these vaults are five different elements of unknown origin or design described as playing havoc with the minds of observers. “The strange, unreal aspect of this object plays havoc with your mind” should you look at one for more than a glance,” was one comment on the nature of the items. There is much rampant speculation as to the purpose or use of these heavily guarded items, but not much is known at this stage. Several other structures have also recently been discovered, but no information about their purpose had been discovered at the time of writing.