Drifter Incursion into the Khanid Kingdom

By ISD Jarrett Pelley
The Drifter threat has been ever increasing, with a significant incursion in the constellation of Homroon, with Nandeza, Dimoohan and Baratar being the current focus of the Drifters’ attention. Due to the severity of the recent combat it has been difficult to define actual numbers, but it appears that that the Amarr Navy have suffered unprecedented losses in this conflict. At the time of writing, despite being present, the Amarr Navy were clearly unable to defend themselves against the increasing Drifter threat.
Despite the apparent threat the Drifters pose, not every capsuleer in the system took a hostile stance against them. Several lone pilots have been known to fly close to the Drifters and survive.
Some loyal readers may remember Makoto Priano from earlier news articles. He was present in a Manticore and was alone with six Drifters yet did not suffer a loss of ship or capsule. When asked for comment he said that “The Drifters are out here in force. While it's not as concentrated a force as in Tukoss's video or during the Safizon attacks, there are still anywhere from four to twelve Drifters in a place, which may mean as many as several hundred in the five systems currently under attack. Needless to say, that's difficult if not impossible to fight by conventional means. This doesn't mean the Navy isn't trying, though. What's more, this area is tremendously isolated, and is frankly a bit of a backwater. With the losses expected from fighting the Drifters, it'll be difficult to keep pilots supplied with hulls, save by operating a jump service from Khanid space or perhaps Kor-Azor.”