Annual Theomachy Event to be Held on Singularity

By ISD Tedra Kerrigan

By ISD Tedra Kerrigan

The annual Theomachy “last man standing” event will be held on Singularity this month.

The event will take place on Saturday, 8 August, at 20:00 EVE time. Form-up will be at 19:00 EVE time. This year’s prizes include 12 PLEX and an EVE Collector’s Edition for the overall winner, 6 PLEX, an Art of New Eden book and the EVE: Source book for second place, and 3 PLEX and the EVE True Stories book for third place. There will also be hidden prizes as part of the competition’s Hidden Achievement System, which will bring the total prize pool to 30 billion ISK.

Last year’s competition saw 230 players competing, losing just over 1,500 ships valued at 856 billion ISK. The competition’s achievements last year included Frozen Death, which was awarded to the first person to be podded; Guisseppe Saissore. The prize for that achievement was a set of +5 implants.

If there had been an achievement for winning the most achievements that would have gone to Mystical Might, who won eight achievements, including Most Kills, Most Overseer Kills, and Final Blow on Most Ships.

“I was approached by an alliance mate who invited me into a team of sorts. 19 people in total, if we ignore that one of us turned out to be a traitor,” said Mystical Might of his experience in a player perspective written after the event. “Our group fell apart after about an hour, when the Overseer hunting party got going, but that didn’t matter much to me as I’d taken to flying around by myself,  warping in to ‘help’ wherever it was needed.”

The ‘traitor’ in Mystical Might’s team was Athena Olympia, the Hidden Overseer for the 2014 Theomachy.

Mystical Might put his success down to finding himself in an Orthrus early on. “It served me well,” he said, “but a lack of missiles meant I had only one reload of each damage type at the end.”

The objective of the event is to be the last man standing. A maximum of 400 capsuleers can take part in the event, and fight to the death in a hunger games-style deathmatch.

Dropped into a system in their pods, capsuleers search for fitted ships which have been seeded around the system, and for other capsuleers to kill, while being hunted by Overseers.

James Ogeko, who took first place last year, teamed up with five corpmates, and found a nicely fitted Rokh in the first five minutes. His teammates were not as lucky, finding a Typhoon with no weapons, a hull-tanked Abaddon and some frigates, which they promptly lost to an Overseer fleet before re-shipping into Navy cruisers. His last ship was a passive-fit Drake, in which he survived to the end to take the grand prize.

“Most of us ended up dying to Overseers during Sudden Death,” he said. “Other than too many troll fits and large fleets, (nothing really to be done about that) it was a lot of fun.”

Live stream details will be made available soon on the EVE Online forums.