10 years ago: First Titan deployed by Capsuleers

By ISD Astrea Tsukishiro

10 years ago: First Avatar-class Titan deployed by Capsuleers in Feythabolis region

On 25th September 108YC, ten years ago, the alliance Ascendant Frontier [ASCN] deployed the first capsuleer owned Titan from a starbase located in the AZN-D2 system. 

(Historical image of 'Steve', curtsey of EVE Inspiracy)

The Avatar-class vessel, named Steve, was piloted by CYVOK, the leader of Ascendant Frontier. The completion of this multi-month project saw the start of an arms race between Ascendant Frontier and their rivals, Band of Brothers [BoB].

Speaking to reporters at the time, CYVOK commented that the construction project was undertaken in secret, with only three other pilots aware of the construction efforts. Much of the resources were gathered through refinery taxes and mining operations within ASCN territory. An additional construction operation for a smaller ship was used to provide cover against enemy spies.

A large group of spectators flocked to the AZN-D2 system to see Steve officially launch, with CYVOK commenting “The face of warfare in New Eden has just changed forever.”

Few months later, Band of Brothers attacked the C9N-CC system in Esoteria, their own Titan in the attack force. Steve was destroyed by the attackers, making it the first Titan lost in combat in New Eden. The wreck of the mighty vessel can be visited in the C9N-CC system.

(The wreck of 'Steve' - now drifting through the vastness of New Eden for eons to come)


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