The search for EVE

Welcome to The Search for EVE

The Search for EVE is an effort by the CCP DEV team and members of the EVE community to locate a natural wormhole in our own galaxy - a wormhole that can lead us to the world of EVE.

We, the members of this effort, believe that the algorithms deployed by SETI@home will enable the detection of such a wormhole, even though their prime effort is the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

We applaud their efforts and gladly crunch any data their servers give to their clients, running on our computers. We do not discriminate data, we'll run any data sent to us, not just data from coordinates in close proximity to those we believe a wormhole may lie. Thus we assist them in their search for E.T., while simultaneously working towards our own end in revealing to the world the whereabouts of the wormhole leading to an exciting new world.

The members of The Search For EVE team, and their efforts in the search can be viewed here.

If you would like to participate in this endeavor, we recommend that you download the SETI@home client, and follow the instructions supplied at the site. Then once you have registered, join our group here. Remember to prefix your SETI@home name with EVE: to distingue yourselves from the people that are only searching for E.T. (don't be confused by the few employees of CCP that prefix their names with CCP:)