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Patch notes for Hyperion has been published

By CCP Phantom

The patch notes for the Hyperion release, to be deployed on Tuesday, August 26th, has been published and are available here. The Hyperion release continues to improve EVE Online with streamlined user interface operations, new PvE content and exciting changes to the dangerous wormhole environment.

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Muryia Mordu issues Operation Highlander Decoration

By CCP Falcon

5ZXX-K, PURE BLIND – Mordu’s Legion Command have completed the issue of a decoration today, honoring pilots who were involved in the orbital battle above Caldari Prime on March 22nd, YC115. The battle, which was triggered by Operation Highlander – the Federation Navy’s assault against the Caldari Navy’s Leviathan-class titan CN Shiigeru – brought an end to the five year siege of Caldari Prime, the historical capital of the Caldari State and home world of the Caldari people. In a statement relea...

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USA Today

By CCP Loktofeit

Top Video Gamesof E3 2014 - "[Valkyrie] is a shining example of virtual reality's potential."


By CCP Loktofeit

EVE: True Stories - A Comic That Perfectly Captures The Evil Genius Of EVE Online Players. Kotaku writer, Evan Narcisse, takes a look at the new graphic novel created through the collaborate efforts of Dark Horse, CCP Games, and the real players the tale is based on.

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CCP Names Andie Nordgren as Executive Producer for EVE Online

By CCP Loktofeit

Nordgren Promoted to Lead Ongoing Development of CCP’s Award-Winning Sci-Fi MMO REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – July 25, 2014 – CCP Games, a leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games, today announced that EVE Online® Senior Producer Andie “CCP Seagull” Nordgren has been promoted to the role of executive producer for EVE Online, the groundbreaking, sci-fi online game with hundreds of thousands of subscribers worldwide.

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