Monetization of Videos and Streaming Policy

At CCP, we know that fans of our games are some of the most creative, imaginative, and dedicated gamers out there, both in game and in real life. Often, we are asked if players may upload gameplay or other fan-inspired videos to YouTube or similar websites and if they can monetize those videos by participation in the website’s ad share revenue.

Players are more than welcome to upload game-related videos, and stream video and audio content, so long as this content is made freely available to everyone (i.e., there is no charge, subscription, or “premium access” fee required to view it). Additionally, players may monetize videos by way of YouTube’s “partner program”, Google’s Adsense program, Twitch’s subscription program or any similar advertising revenue sharing model, provided the third-party advertisements do not interfere with a viewer’s access to the video.

Please be aware, however, that videos featuring our games, gameplay, or using our intellectual property may not be used to advertise products you are selling unless you are an authorized CCP partner or distributor (and even then, you may only sell authorized CCP products).

Videos and streams may also not be used to generate real world revenue by offering in-game ISK and/or assets as incentives to subscribe to a paid service such as a Twitch channel subscription or other subscription service.

If in-game assets are used in giveaways to promote popularity of a stream or video, there must be full parity between users who are viewing the content for free and those who are subscribed, and all viewers of content must have the same access to giveaways and the same chance to win prizes regardless of any subscription fees paid.

Use of in-game assets for subscription-only based prize draws and incentives constitute real money trading (RMT). This is against our policies.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact us by filing a support ticket under the community category.