CSM8 Final Ballot and Pre-Election Results

By CCP Dolan
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CSM8 Final Ballot and Pre-Election Results

The Pre-elections for the 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM) have closed. This is the first year we have done a pre-election like this and we are proud to say that far more candidates proved themselves qualified then we would have ever thought. Candidates required a minimum of 200 Endorsements to be included in the Final Ballot for the CSM8 Elections which begin tomorrow. Here are the results:

Disclaimer: These are the results of a Qualifier for the full Election not the Election Results themselves. The Election for CSM8 will run from April 4th til midnight on April 18th.

Ripard Teg Mangala Solaris Malcanis
1417 Endorsements 965 Endorsements 880 Endorsements
Kaleb Rysode ProGodLegend Banlish
820 Endorsements 755 Endorsements 620 Endorsements
Chitsa Jason Sort Dragon Nathan Jameson
605 Endorsements 599 Endorsements 585 Endorsements
James Arget Greene Lee Trebor Daehdoow
577 Endorsements 565 Endorsements 536 Endorsements
Ayeson Ali Aras Mynnna
529 Endorsements 524 Endorsements 507 Endorsements
Psychotic Monk Travis Musgrat Sala Cameron
504 483 Endorsements 479 Endorsements
Kesper North Unforgiven Storm Awol Aurix
475 Endorsements 457 Endorsements 443 Endorsements
CoreBloodBrothers Riverini Mike Azariah
438 Endorsements 422 Endorsements 401 Endorsements
Cipreh Korvin Artctura
401 Endorsements 355 Endorsements 309 Endorsements
Steve Ronuken Roc Weiler DaeHan Minhyok
308 Endorsements 273 Endorsements 224 Endorsements
201 Endorsements

With over 16,000 endorsements and 31 candidates successfully qualifying for the full election, we are in for a fast paced and exciting election period. While these results may be helpful for looking into which candidates you might want to investigate further, I would caution that they potentially have no bearing on the full election. As is always true in an STV election, you should always vote based on your own preference for candidates, not on what you think other people will vote.

The CSM is the elected voice of the players in the development of EVE Online. Click Here after April 4th to vote, and make sure that you spread the word, more votes cast in the election means better representation for all of EVE Online as we move into the Second Decade of EVE.