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The EVE Vegas 2017 Megablog!

By CCP Falcon

The time to kick off EVE Vegas 2017 is drawing closer and in just a few weeks, more than a thousand capsuleers will descend on Sin City for the largest ever gathering of pilots outside EVE Fanfest. With roundtables, presentations, charity raffles & movie screenings, the legendary EVE Vegas Party, plus a switch of pace from the traditional pub crawl to the Pub Night & Highroller Experience this year, there’s something for EVE Players from all walks of life at this year’s event. First, a word on ...

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Balance Update With EVE Online: Lifeblood

By Team Size Matters
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Hello daring pilots! In this blog, we're sharing some more details about the recently announced team focus on ships and modules, and will show you some specific changes coming this October in the EVE Online: Lifeblood expansion. Balance Team? Let’s start with talking a little about how we do balance work and what is changing. The most important thing to know is that game balance is a complex effort which incorporates every gameplay team working on EVE.

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Monthly Economic Report - August 2017

By CCP Quant
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This is the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for August 2017. The raw data and graphs that make up this report, including the killmail data, can be downloaded here (24 MB). Click on any graph in this report for an enlarged version.

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