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EVE Art books

By CCP Hellmar

As you may or may not know a lot of quality artwork and concept art has been created through out the production of EVE. See for example: Wallpaper section Concept Art Section Posters in the Store We have often wanted to share this work with you but have lacked a good medium to do it justice.

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Tech Level 2 Components Removed Completely From Agents

By CCP Oveur

We were previously going to replace the Tech Level 2 Components with the ingredients for Components. However, after doing extensive analysis of the situation, we have decided to remove it completely. As an example, there are 500 Starbases online on Tranquility right now and they are rapidly increasing, and by removing the components, they should increase even faster.

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The Gallente Elections, part deux

By Talisman

Well, the next step of the Gallente Elections event is finally underway. Waiting for the deployment of event agents has caused the event to be delayed considerably, but the good news at least is that they’re finally in and ready to be used in future events. Event agents are specifically designed to handle both large and small time-based events, i.e.

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