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Mission Tags

By kieron

Last week, Zrakor posted to the forums stating that there are some mission tags that are not available to players through normal game mechanics and that these tags would be added to the game with the next patch. The patch will be Tuesday, 25 January. Until the patch, if you have one of these agent offers, you may petition and a friendly GM will give you the tag.

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New Ship Classes Planned For This Year

By CCP Oveur

There has been lots of talk on the forums regarding new ships and I was asked to post a blog by Arud regarding those entirely brand spanking new ship classes which are in the pipeline for this year, so I figured I'd throw together a shortlist for you. I won't go into details on any of them nor when they will be available - only that they are planned for this year - and that means planned, not promised ;) Freighter These are the new ultra-haul class of ships in EVE, with 100K M3+ specialized carg...

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