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South Asia earthquake and tsunami disaster relief effort

By CCP Hellmar

We here at CCP are stricken by the loss of lives resulting from the South Asia earthquake and tsunamis on December 26. Therefore we are contemplating the idea of offering EVE players a way through the account management pages to make donations directly to the Icelandic Red Cross. We realize that there already exist many ways to donate and many have probably donated already.

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Ship Hitpoints Increased


All ships have been increased in base hitpoint values for testing purposes of increased survivability and can be tested on Singularity. This does only affect player ships, NPC's would not get this change. The change won't affect small / normal scaled PvP combat scenarios as dramatically as the hitpoints are increased by, most of these scenarios relay on out-caping your oponent.

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A barely audible message from EVE CSS

By CCP Arkanon

Hello everyone! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Hang on, it was only the worst of times! Reporting from underneath Mt. Doom, which is the only thing you can call our queue these days, this is GM Arkanon. The petition/incident line is now up to 4000, that's four thousand waiting cases and all must be and will be answered by us.

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