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Jovian and CONCORD agents


We have received numerous reports and complaints regarding issues with the agent system. Particularly, people who are doing large numbers of missions for Jovian or CONCORD agents without receiving special rewards. The fact is that these agents, along with Level 4 agents, are not technically in the game yet.

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Targeting Speed


Greetings to all players that like to target objects with the mission to destroy these. I would like to ask what players would think about changing targeting speed to take in signature radius of object, so that it would take longer time to target smaller objects. Making it possible for smaller ship classes to get into their desired range before getting destroyed.

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The Amarr Imperial Succession Championship

By CCP Hellmar

As you know the qualifying rounds are going on now. We are videotaping as much of them as we can and we'll release them once we have them encoded. Mad props to EVE-Radio for the coverage of the event.

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EVE for $12.95

By CCP Hellmar Edit: As the prices are constantly changing, this site is probably the best to check

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A night to remember...

By CCP Red Button

Sigh, please excuse if this blog is a little on the short and tired sounding side. We've been up for a while now as you may have noticed upgrading the db hardware among other things. As of this writing EVE is up again and so far so good. I´ll explain in more detail tomorrow but just thought I´d post a few lines to share some details on what happened. What we were trying to accomplish was replacing a set of scsi diskboxes with a fiber storage server on the db.

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Map topology unveiled - yours to download and study

By CCP t0rfifrans

As several people have requested this data we decided to put it here and see if someone can make use of it. Those of you familiar with relational databases should have no trouble mangling the data. There is far more data available that we could perhaps release later if people are interested in using this, such as the sun database, surface temperatures, stellar classes on the Russel-Hertzsprung digram, planet gravity and more.

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DB upgrade on Wednesday

By CCP Red Button

Hello again, it's been a while since my last post here. I wanted to let you in on what we intend to do next wednesday during the extended downtime. The DB size has been ever increasing since launch and with increased size and number of players comes increased disk I/O. At the moment this is a performance bottleneck so we have purchased a FAStT 600 fiber storage server from IBM.

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