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Character creation

By LeKjart

Some debate going on whether the number of characters created/deleted per week per user should be limited in some way. This might alleviate some muling issues and semi-exploits related to them, but I am not convinced that these can not be addressed through some more in-game mechanisms.

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Community events at Fanfest 2012

By CCP Navigator
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As hundreds of players from all over the world prepare for the trip to the Harpa center in Reykjavik for Fanfest 2012, we here in the Community team wanted to give you an insight into some of the community events we will be hosting this year. The aim of community events at Fanfest is to provide players with non-EVE activities that they can participate in outside of the normal roundtables, presentations and panels.

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All our webs are belong to you

By CCP Alice
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Hi, CCP Alice here with the latest and greatest from web. Last year we began a strategic journey of improving our web presence by launching a brand new Account Management website and new Forums. I’m here with the first dev blog in a series to come throughout 2012 that will detail important changes and updates to our websites over the course of this year. Currently, the EVE website is a mixed bag.

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