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Raphendyr Nardieu

I’m a hard boiled veteran of Eve. I started my career in Suddenly Content alliance as a diplomat and later I became one of the leaders. Currently our community has over a hundred Finnish players. After years of wormhole life, my knowledge of wormhole mechanics can be described as formidable.

My main interest is to find fair and interesting gameplay for both the hunter and the prey. This includes fixing features such as unfair war declarations, wormhole pve, structure gameplay and finding new grids for combat interaction.

Furthermore, industry is also close to my heart. As a centerpiece of Eve’s ecosystem, it needs to be carefully maintained to keep other areas in balance. My expertise here range from alliance quartermaster and market stocking to manufacturing and even mining.

As a developer myself, I know the importance of the Eve API. It can be extended to new areas, but it also requires attention to avoid abuse.

Check out my forum thread for more details!

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