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Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci

United States

What’s your favorite TV show? Your favorite comic book, or novel series, or sports team?

When you first experienced a whatever captured your imagination, did you want to know what happens next? If you caught up on all that’s been published, did you wait a week, or months, or years until the next installment?

Introducing someone to an ongoing story makes them want to know more about the world they find themselves in, and creates a powerful possibility of hooking them, planting an interest in the back of their mind can attach them to an IP for years to come.

Fostering the potential EVE’s immense story has to capture the interest of players and keep them playing long enough to find their place in likeminded communities can only benefit the game, boosting the investment and engagement of its players.

I'm running for CSM to champion this underestimated and vital component of the world's largest living work of science-fiction, expose players to it, and better integrate it with the game itself.


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