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bastet 666

Russian Federation

I'm from Russia. I'm playing EVE from 2011, so it'll be 7 years this summer. During this time, I have a lot of experience in nearly all areas of EVE, beginning from high-sec ratting ending with CEO and FC in null-sec coalition. Now I'm CEO of Infinity Space and main FC of GemiCo.
I have three main goals in the CSM. At first as a leader of null-sec alliance, I want to help in improvement of sovereignty system. Make it more playable and enjoyable for both sides of conflict. With less grinding and more tactical and strategic moves.
Second goal is to make large-scale (100+) pvp meta more balanced. Machariels was nerfed again in the March update, but it was long way, which took years (the same was with ishtars and drone-boats at all). Now most of us can see a problem in command destroyers.
Third goal is to get mid-scale (30-100) pvp back to null-sec as it was 5-6 years ago. It is the most complicated thing, but I will try to make this problem at least more clearly for developers.

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