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Winzentowitsch Madeveda


Hello my dear spacebros,
I’m a 25 years old IT Professional from Germany.
I started playing EVE back in 2012 with some breaks but I always came back. This game is way more intense than any other MMO and I’m in love with the wormhole life.
My main objective for CSM16 is to preserve J-Space from changing into a differently flavored Null. Every Space in the game should have its own meta and own mechanics to make it unique to live in.
My second objective as your CSM Candidate is to have the game improving with non-stop QoL improvements like the L-Menu, just like CSM was able to do something about the Red-Dot already.
I’m not a Block Candidate, I will champion everyone brave enough to set foot into J-Space and while I want to represent J-Space primarily, it doesn’t mean that I won’t listen to players from K-Space. I’m still active in Low- and Nullsec and I want all of us to find joy in their part of space.

Give me your votes
Give me your corpses
Praised be Bob \o/

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