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Leehams DaWildabeast

United States

I have worked to design ship fittings to be used as standard or doctrine from Spectre Fleet, where I am an FC, to abyssal space, where I helped design the frigate guide for Pandemic Horde and Abyssal Lurkers, all the way to GOTG (Rest In Peace), where I helped design and FC the coalition fleet compositions.

In abyssal space, I consider every possible spawn wave to make sure the comp is as consistent as possible. For Spectre Fleet, I try to make sure everything is utilitarian, as you never know what you will go up against or who you will be flying with that day. For coalition doctrines, I make sure its balanced and has a wide engage profile, while also being able to support capitals if needed, or deal with citadels, bombs, bubbles, or all the other unique dangers of nullsec.

I will bring this mindset to the CSM to make sure that when something is being considered, its not just considered with one application or facet in mind, but all use cases and scenarios so that nothing is forgotten.

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