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Juvenius Drakonius

As a CEO one of the largest spanish speaking organization in game, we’ve helped 100s of players get a foothold on the game via our Academy where they learn the basics of the game forge kinship with fellow players having a lot of fun in the process. At the right time we invite them to join us on our main Corporation, proud members of the Imperium, where they get to see the more social-complex and challenging side of the game. This player turnover experience i can bring to the CSM.

Other community scope of actions and endeavours:

Creator and manager of the 3rd largest facebook group of the game

Creator of the first spanish Podcast of the game

Youtube creator of EVE tutorials of in Spanish.

Creator and promoter of the game in spanish

Organizer and host of many player in game community events.

As your CSM representative my goal will be to bring communities needs and wants to the table, working with fellow CSM members and CCP to create a better EVE Online for All.

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