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Solar Taranogas


1) Enough with the nerfing already! CCP's over-reliance on "balancing" is an admission that they can't create their way out of a problem. It is an unsatisfying experience for a player and is counter-intuitive. You don't see Harley Davidson changing their bikes because they are too "Boss" and unfair to the competition!

2)Why isn't AFK an OK style to play? Players already police that and if AFK isking generates too much isk... I dunno, maybe create something desirable in game that a player might want to spend that isk on? Let’s make carrier ratting great again!

3)Is new player retention any better? For those new to EVE, let's give them the option of joining an NPC corp as usual. Or better yet, they could choose to join an established player corp. Corporations could apply to be on "Intake" for a week at a time, with new players able to join a corp sorted for language, timezone and play style. This way new players are mentored by others who are invested in their future.

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