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Steve Ronuken

United Kingdom

With three terms under my belt, I have a good grasp of the responsibilities and duties of the CSM and I have a good working relationship with CCP.
I'm primarily a highsec industrialist, with a solid side order of mining, PI and mission running. Outside of the game, I'm one of the major third party developers, running ,providing support in google for various api functions, and converting the SDE for usage in a wide variety of uses.
With the remaining structure changes, there's a lot of room for guidance and while CCP's been pretty good at getting the concepts in the right ballpark, the devil is in the details, especially for how the various sec statuses interact.
There's a lot of API development happening at the moment, with prioritization being a huge issue. I'm plugged into that community, across most groups; so there's a lot of good I can do there.

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