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Otto Bismarck


Fundamentally I believe that New Eden needs more conflict drivers, more reasons to undock and interact with each other.

My time spent in EVE has been spent doing almost everything, from being a 3rd party helping people with some of their more difficult transactions, to industry and building supercapitals and T2, living in a WH to make money, to fleet commanding for a variety of alliances.

Additionally out of game I am/was one of the primary drivers of the Melbourne (Australia) Pub Meets, and was an organiser of EVE Down Under for several years. I briefly attempted to Twitch stream, however my killboard couldn’t take the losses anymore.

In real life I am an Engineer working on a multitude of projects both software and hardware related, which gives me a very practical and methodical process to tackle challenges that arise and working with people from different skill sets, backgrounds and nationalities.

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