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Tikktokk Tokkzikk


Hello space friends!

I am an adrenaline junkie with a love for a good challenge, and no other game is able to match the feeling of flying an alliance tournament ship into combat, winning a war after months of blood, sweat and tears, or having your most valued possessions stolen by a supposed friend.

I’ll advocate more balance changes, tournament play, increased player interaction and to keep New Eden the harsh universe we know and love wherever CCP’s roadmap takes us.

Most of my time has been spent around Amamake doing solo and small gang PVP, but I frequently branch off to experience everything New Eden has to offer. I’ve got a firm grasp of most activities in New Eden and have mastered quite a few.

You can reach me at or in-game with a conversation or Eve Mail.

-Tikktokk Tokkzikk

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