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Arsia Elkin

United States

I'm a player who started in 2010 and is currently in the alliance, Electus Matari. I've never been part of a big null sec bloc and have no real alignment to any of them. So as far as null sec players should be concerned, I’ll be a neutral entity politically. I’m not trying to hurt anyone I dislike out of spite or simply help my own gameplay. I want to improve the game in general. CSM is obviously a focus group for CCP’s ideas and the main purpose isn’t to tell CCP what to do, so representation from many different viewpoints in such a diverse game is very important.

I have experience in living in low sec, using wormholes as mediums for traveling long distances quickly, Faction Warfare from both inside and outside militia, small gang warfare and roaming in low, null, and even high security space, medium sized fleet engagements, RP and lore, and high sec wars. I will bring that knowledge to give my opinions on how proposed changes will affect people of the gameplay styles that I participate in. I care about improvements to Faction Warfare space.
I like hearing when people disagree with me (so long as you do it civilly). I’m happy to talk to people, so if ever.
My main concerns are Low Sec in general, improving faction warfare, ship/module balance, the visibility of the Eve story and good use of it to generate content, and new player experience.

While there are a number of fantastic low security and even lore based candidates this year (seriously, there’s a lot of fantastic people running), I think I am in the unique position to be an advocate for the Eve Online lore and events as a primary content driver for conflict. Having participated in many RP based wars and conflicts ignited directly or indirectly from world news and goings on, one of the most frustrating things to me is that a lot of these things are hidden from people who aren’t in ‘the know.’ I’ve had some of the most fun and unique experiences in my Eve career in PvP during these battles and full out wars. World events such as the Invasions had a lot of impact on long-term introverted players. Both the EDENCOM and Triglavian side had plenty of players showing up who had played for years and literally never been in a fleet before. On the EDENCOM side, there were a lot of players whose home system was invaded and they joined up in order to fight for it, fleeting for the first time in their careers. Many of these people went on to join the cause and run around playing the wack-a-mole and trying to defend other systems. The low security invasions got some people out of high sec and into low sec for the first time because there were the experienced players in the groups to guide them through the process and help them. The Invasions had failings (especially in the lack of any reward or content for half the players at the end), but the fact that this style of world events brings people together and gets newer player especially out of their comfort zone and engaged is clear to me. But with the in-world news not being in game, on the launcher, or even on CCP’s new ‘news page,’ lot of the pieces of lore and content drivers smaller than the Invasions stay invisible to far too many people. I think that the Eve setting and lore is one of CCP’s best tools for driving content and that it’s not being used as such as well as it should be or nearly enough. People have plenty of different opinions when they hear the term RPer, but the truth is, most people in Eve RP with their guns in some way. By supporting a faction, alliance, or even running around solo you are playing a part in the beautiful Eve universe. People you choose to shoot, not shoot, side with, or fight against say something about your character even if you don’t think about it that way. My experience in dealing with how the lore, rp, and world events affects player content in space puts me in a unique position to advocate for such events and opportunities and gives me insight into how people do react to such things.

As somebody who also failed to get into Eve on two or three trial account attempts before I stubbornly subscribed and forced myself to learn it, I also have the perspective of somebody who could have been lost entirely from the game because the New Player Experience was lacking. I think Eve loses a lot of people who could have succeeded and been valuable players if not for the game failing to teach a lot of unintuitive mechanics to new players, leading them to get frustrated when those mechanics are leveraged against them. I don’t think that the solution is to make Eve ‘softer’ or get rid of those mechanics, but to teach players them. A lot of long term introverted players don’t even know a lot of the most basic mechanics of the game because they simply never ran into somebody to teach them.

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