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United States

Streaming Eve fulltime has provided me with a very interesting take on the Eve experience, particularly around the new player experience. I am very fortunate with being able to talk, discuss, explain, and invite new people into the world that continues to grow that world we call Eve.

I have been playing for 11 years when we started TEST and still in TEST. I am an FC of every kind of ship, have BLOC FC'd fights of over 1000 people, been in thousands of engagements and have tried to experience just about everything I could. I have been in Wars in Eve for most of my time in game.

Through discussions with players of all forms of gameplay I feel I have a reasonable grasp on some problems with the gaming experience. I spend most days giving detailed explanations of game mechanics, in-game politics, and updates to the ongoing war.

I am focused mainly on what I like to call "content deniers", which are gate campers, gankers, station/undock camping. I want to bring to light the problems that both I and many people in chat have experienced. I feel that players that camp pipes into different areas are basically roadblocks. They gain much and lose rarely. There can be a gatecamp that kills 100 people in a day, they lose nothing, and the systems behind that gatecamp are empty. People that live in those systems behind the gatecamp complain that its empty, but the only reason is simple: its very difficult for new to medium aged players to explore when all the major pipeline systems are always camped. I don't want to remove any of these baseline styles of play, but I do think they can be tweaked.

I am a User Experience Designer/Architect by trade and have thousands of hours of experience with interviews, interpreting customer data, and designing for the user's experience while maintaining a rich journey through the product. I have worked at Apple, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and several other places.

I can build great working relationships with many different types of personalities and can build ongoing productive connections with other CSM members and Developers.

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