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The Longest running Bloc level FC in EVE. Vily is a specialist in Fleet warfare at all levels, a prominent figure in the industry backbone of eve and a passionate eve player who has dedicated untold hours to making eve the game it should and can be, both in the game, out of the game and on the CSM.

A vote with me is a vote towards taking eve into the future. I am passionate about creating a balanced meta that rewards innovation and strategy, that enables tactics with play and counterplay. I view eve as both a chessboard and a shooter, a game like no other and i endeavor to ensure that it keeps moving towards the future as best it can.

My previous years on the CSM have taught me how to interact with the developers and staff at CCP and how to best plead the cases that need to be pled. I am the vote for taking the eve we have and making it better.

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