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Bei ArtJay

With the recent restructuring of the community team I feel it is important once again that players who can provide insight and energy step up and help keep our community going. CCP have given assurances that they want to continue to support both the tournament scene and out of game events, and I feel that it is important to have as many people on the CSM who can advise CCP about where best to put their resources in this regard.

Through my work running tournaments I understand how the developer/player relationship works, having to live in that neutral ground and survive with a foot in both camps and try to see each scenario from every perspective. I understand the difficulties of taking risks and pushing change in an established environment. As evidenced by my commitment to the projects I have worked on, once I commit I tend to throw everything I can at it, and like to do a job properly. I will promise to do my best to work hard as a conduit between CCP and the player base.

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