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United States

I am ExookiZ, and I am running for CSM 15.

I am a 11 year EVE veteran, CEO of The Dark Space Initiative, and event organizer of EVE North East. I am seeking re-election to the CSM to continue leveraging my experience as a CEO, a content creator, wormholer, and a highly active member of the EVE community to help make EVE a better place.

A quick rundown of areas I have focused on in EVE:

-I have lived and played across wormholes for 10 years, having lived in every class of wormhole space except C1s over the years. To that end I am very familiar with both wormhole mechanics themselves, as well as small and medium gang pvp.

-For the vast majority of my EVE career I have also served as my corp's CEO and I am very familiar with the challenges related to building and maintaining a corp/alliance, both in game and out.

-I am one of my corporation's primary content creators, in both hunting and setting up ops and FC’ing ganks, skirmishes and larger fights as we find them.

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