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9 Year eve veteran, experienced in small and medium gang PVP,and leading/managing eve corporations. Extremely familiar with wormhole space.Heavily involved in eve community through my podcast, hosting EVE meetups such as EVE North East and occasional Boston meetups, as well as presenting at fanfest.

As a corp leader I am familiar with pain points related to driving content and eve groups, and I hope that we can lead CCP to investing a bit more time into making EVE less of a job for people interested in building their own communities.

As a wormholer, I hope that my insight can help ensure that CCP considers our niche part of the game when making balance decisions. I may not be able to convince CCP to give WH space more dev time, but I can hopefully make sure they don't accidentally make it worse.

I am experienced in working with CCP, both for meetups and helping plan Fanfest activities, and hope I can leverage that prior experience to improve my capabilities as a CSM member.

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