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United States

I started playing in 2005 on a few back-to-back 15 day trial characters. In January 13 2009 I subbed my current main and never looked back.

I flew in a highsec mining corp until we were ripped apart by war deccing pirates. I fell in love with PvP game play (eve if I was terrible at it). After that I joined -Mostly Harmless- until I left to go join Red Versus Blue and fight in the forever war. After RvB I joined Goonswarm Fed followed by Sniggwaffe and then finally joined Northern Coalition where I play today.

I fly and fight in null sec as a fleet commander currently. The strategy of fighting opponents with less numbers but still taking the win is an amazing feeling. However recently I went to EVE Vegas and got to experience the eve community where I was invited to be a current cast member of the Open Comms talk show where I can to get my fix of community involvement once a week on Fridays.

My CSM campaign is based upon establishing a competitive balance in the eve PvP ecosystem. I think that all things should be competitive in different applications. I also believe that resources on the map should be distributed so no one region contains all of the things needed to build everything.

If I had to give you a reason to vote for me it would be my passion to this game. I care about the short term and long term game that I wouldn't push for changes that would hurt game health to give my group any advantage.

Thank you for reading this far. Vote BlazingBunny for CSM 15. Change you can trust

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