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Rixx Javix

I am running for CSM to represent all players with a special focus on Low Security and Faction Warfare. I have played Eve Online since 2008 and have experience working directly with CCP on various projects over the years, most recently with the re-launch of the official Eve Merch Store. I am the CEO of Stay Frosty and A Band Apart alliance. For the past eleven years I've written a blog called Eveoganda. I've held four player meets at my own home. And have created thousands of logos and other art pieces for virtually every entity in the Eve Community. I strongly believe I bring experience, perspective, and proven advocacy to the CSM and look forward to working hard for all players, young and bitter, null, low, WH, hi-sec, FW, and everyone in-between. I promise to keep what is best for the game in focus and be your voice on the CSM.

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