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United States

I represent the Russian community. We are the oldest non-english speaking group in the game; and at the end of 2005 I was their leader for many many years. As far as my expertise, I have been elected to CSM 6 and 7 as well as organizing and leading these communities. Also as a player, I’m the first person who used capitals in a fleet fight. My group was the first who killed a Band of Brother’s supercarrier (called a mothership in those days) and was thought to be indestructible which gave hope to everyone in the entire universe that they were vulnerable.
As for organizing and leading a group, I am one of the oldest still playing. I am the first person who created and organized rental empires in Eve, having a vertical management structure of over 25 people under me to do. I could write pages and pages of things that I have done but a little taste of some of my history you could listen to the interview I did with Matterall here:

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