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United Kingdom

PJHustle as a player.

I have been playing the game for a while now, I have mainly been in a renting capacity but for the last 2 years I was able to run the life of both an alliance member and a renter corp CEO. I was lucky enough to have leadership in the main alliance that understands players and people and everyone has their own ways they want to play.

I am big on the community aspect of this game and recently started to travel around the world to some of these amazing events. EVE online was the reason I left my home country for the first time in my life. I have been to London, Vegas, Toronto and Amsterdam all in order to meet players I have played this game with. I have had Fan Fest tickets for three years running but each year something has happened that prevented me from going.

My eve career started back in 2007 where I would string those 14 day trial accounts back to back for over a year. I then decided that it was time to hunker down and place an anchor in New Eden and made my main account, This quickly turned into several accounts where me and some RL friends made our home in a High sec pocket of space, we would mine and chat using the in-game audio and eventually Ventrillo. The content of the game wasn’t what kept us going at this time it was the players working together to try and figure out how you were supposed to play EVE online.
We eventually failed and players disbanded the corporation shattering the little community we had around the universe. This destroyed my game, so I left, for good…….

I returned to eve back in 2016, it was my birthday, however that had no bearing on me returning to the game I followed a player from another game who said he knew some cool people in eve which I remembered I had several accounts so hey let’s try that.

I eventually started up my own corporation building from the great experience I had in that group. I didn’t realise how much time is needed to run a corporation in eve, or how hard it is to manage the corporation with the rules set and UI restrictions. I worked at it hard for the next 2 years building up an entire corporation from just one man in a porpoise renting a system.

I have spent time in HS, Nullsec and that is about it for in-game areas, but I have seen much more and experienced allot of the game from eve meets and talking to our great community. I am not an expert by any means but I know and understand allot about this game, there is very little days that pass where I do not inform players of some niche mechanic or way to do something in Eve that blows their mind.
I couldn’t do what I have done without the people around me. I like to think I am great at communicating and advocating viewpoints on behalf of my team, players, community, and anyone who asks me to represent their viewpoints on their behalf. I do not know it all and am always open to finding new ways and views on the things I have done the most. I understand how you can be blinded by repetitive use of something and others could have a fresh new look that you have overlooked.

I am my own boss making my ability to commit to the needs and requirements of the CSM easier to manage. I have a strong work ethic, and anything tasked to me is always done with 100% effort and attention. I do not let things go too easily until it has reached a conclusion, I take my work home with me if needed but a task that has been assigned to me is always fulfilled, and usually to a greater standard than expected.

Now is the time to have a voice let me help you voice it.


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