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White 0rchid

My main thread:

With 13 years of experience playing EVE and having lived in all areas of space (with exception of Pochven) and amongst a wide variety of groups, I think I will be a perfect candidate for sitting on the CSM.

I am not in this to become space famous, my core drive is to advise CCP on what might and might not be a good way of implementing certain features/changes to the game and how those changes might ripple across EVE as a whole. I am not part of a large null bloc or blue doughnut and as such am not pushing a certain agenda either.

I have a similar role in the real world for a software company and find communication skills are important. I believe I have the right attitude and ability to properly convey my own thoughts and feelings, and that of the wider playerbase too, to CCP and other CSM members.

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