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Hot Topics and Areas of Interest

Alliance System Overhaul – The system is almost a non-entity in the general scheme of eve. It will take a lot of work but there needs to be a restructuring (or better yet, any structure at all) given to alliances within the game. I would like to see CCP take a closer look at this as they remove POS code.

Government structures?
Exploration – There is a lot here that can be improved or expanded upon. Exploration has the potential to really open up Eve to new players wanting to explore and discover a universe full of secrets, treasure, danger, etc.

Discoverable “Unknown Entity” or “hidden signatures” (rolling back a bit of the Discovery Scanner via new content)
potential escalations from looted cans to either ghost site type loot arenas or actual combat scenarios
Wormhole Space – My homeland for years, wormhole dwellers have received some love this last year with several updates aimed specifically for them. However, there are always places to improve. Here are a few ideas.

Drifter despawn?
Drifter AI (should they be able to take holes?! Should large numbers of them be able to attack vulnerable citadels?)
Wormhole Town Halls and brain storming events
Relook at C1-C4 site mechanics and known bugs with anoms and data\relic sites
Introduction of a fueled depot, to replace POS’s as a forward beachhead for camping trips or eviction notices. (general idea is 1. always vulnerable, 2. single 24 RF timer, 3. fueled to provide tethering and ship maintenance services within a 15km radius, 3. cannot be anchored within 1000km of any other structure, asteroid field, anomaly, etc. 4. If no fuel, does not RF and has no resistances to incoming damage)
Reworking wormhole timers and how long statics stay alive before going EOL.
Economics – I would like to see the introduction of an eve exchange market for stocks, bonds, etc.

Rework of current “shares” system for corporations
Mechanic for escrow and condition based borrowing\lending\leasing
Economy townhall
Bottom Line:
I hold no sovereignty. I have no political agenda. I can make no promises as to what will happen when I am on the CSM. I want to be there to represent the community of EVE in all aspects of game play. This is a preposterously good and addictive game with some amazing people and I know we all want to see it grow and strengthen in the months and years to come.
What I offer, what any candidate can really ever promise, is an open ear and a channel through which CCP can hear you, know you, and trust you, the community.

Contact me at, or use the contact form linked once already or hit me up in game. I am also now on over 20 different Eve related discord channels, so chances are SOMEONE you know has my discord contact.

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