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This would be my 3rd run for csm. I was a member of csm 8 and csm 10. I would like to say I had complete success on both my terms on csm but I will begrudgingly admit that I also had faults and failures. I would say this year is my chance to show that I am still good at what I know and still have the ability to share it with people on the csm and ccp and especially with you the players. I do not believe I deserve it just because I have been a csm before and run a coalition. I believe I should be elected for what I can bring to the table.

In game I run a moderately sized coalition called Guardians of the Galaxy, GOTG for short. We have also been referenced in the past as Dumpster Co (which I personally prefer but that is just me.) I am CEO of darkness alliance a former member of Stain Wagon and N3 coalition. I am famous for speaking my mind and not always being totally diplomatic, I am also famous or infamous for being a backstabber. I gave up not long ago trying to defend this because I came to the realisation that if that is how people see me then they are welcome to their opinions. I can be abrasive but to people in my coalition I am known to be open to talking to if and when needed.

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