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United States

Since my early days in EVE I have been involved in leading others and helping them achieve what they did not believe they were capable of. I strive to empower others to go further. My latest iteration of this goal has been The HEDWAY Network - a network of stations built on empowering the communities they serve. This is why I seek to run for the CSM: to take that goal to the next level and help not just players within my circle of friends, or within the regions our stations operate, but across all of New Eden.

As a CSM Member, I will advocate for Capsuleers across all of EVE's great constituencies, however, I will give a particularly strong voice to the often misrepresented & neglected Capsuleers of Hi-Sec and Low Sec.

My campaign platform is built around the three main points of: Relevant Content, Better Stations, & 3.) Balance Leadership.

EVE is at a critical point and all Capsuleers deserve competent, capable community representatives that will fight to keep EVE sustainable and engaging. With my partners in the CSM and CCP developers, I will work to accomplish just that.

Eurzadahn - Your partner in making a better New Eden.

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