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Rich Richman

United Kingdom

Rich Richman is a candidate is a candidate who is focused on decimating botting and macroing in EVE Online, and reducing the amount of illegal real money transactions in EVE.

Botting and macroing is the use of automated programs to automate tasks and activities.

Illegal real money transactions are the trading of ISK for real life money.

Rich Richman has past experience in other video games and is dedicated to finding the best solutions to these issues which plague EVE Online and other video games. In his youth, he was involved in other MMORPGs. When he grew older, he disavowed this and has not been involved for over a decade.

Rich Richman has written several articles detailing the history of botting and RMT in other video games and their connection to illegal activities such as organised crime and human slavery.

In addition to his zealous campaign against this issue that plagues EVE Online, Rich Richman is a small scale PVP pilot with experience fighting on the small (<10 sized) scale.

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