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Dr Spodumain

United Kingdom

Every year I’ve struggled to find someone who really made me want to vote for them. I’ve always done my civic duty and dragged the names into an order that seemed acceptable on polling day, but nobody sparked that fire. I’m hoping to fill that gap for you.

Since the patron saint of ESI, Steve Ronuken, took his leave from the CSM there has been little to no representation for the toolmakers of New Eden. ESI has stagnated, and third party development seems to be in a bit of a rut. Industrial often issues go ignored or misunderstood, and the market interface has some of the same troubles it had when it launched. Not to mention the confusing mysteries of corp roles. The smaller high-sec groups go voiceless, and our non-English speaking friends are often missed.

These are all issues I want to see resolved, and I will be making them the core of my tenure in the CSM.

Make this years vote one for someone who's wants the ecosystem to thrive both in the game, and around it.

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