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Jim Halescott


Greetings o7
We all know that EVE Online is an incredibly complex game, with a huge amount of systems and mechanics which occasionally overlap in unexpected ways.

My main goals for joining the CSM is ensuring that I help assist CCP and other CSM members with avoid some of the pitfalls which come with introducing new content and mechanics into EVE, whilst also simultaneously providing solutions to those pitfalls. (IE -- avoiding the possibility of introducing new exploits in the game and thusly ensuring the game continues to be fair for all).

I personally informed previous CSM members to encourage CCP to give structure thieves a suspect timer when stealing a structure, as this would be fairer (and therefore hindering my own structure theft operations at the same time)

I am also very interested in hearing what the game community has to say, regarding your concerns over current mechanics and upcoming changes to EVE which you feel may be unfair, or could be done better.

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