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Xeromus Plague

From humble beginnings as a highsec miner, Xero has lived a nomadic lifestyle spanning lowsec, nullsec, and ultimately settling in the unexplored frontiers of Pochven.

If elected to CSM:

- I will advocate for meaningful changes in Pochven to make the region more accessible and engaging for friends and foes alike.
- I will be available and accountable to the people that elect me. This is a representative position, and I feel a special duty to bring the concerns of the people directly to CCP wherever possible.
- I will speak for the smaller factions, the independent gangs and the brave lone wolves of EVE. Those who are unaffiliated with large organizations, who risk everything to retain independence and autonomy.
- I will introduce a plan to revitalize faction warfare by tying it into the Triglavian conflict.
- I vow to conduct myself honorably, and to serve the community of New Eden to the best of my capabilities.

I'm thankful for your friendship and support. I hope to earn your vote for CSM16. <3

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