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Chainsaw Plankton

United States

My friend got me and a few others to start playing Eve and join IDLE GUNS in 2007. We mostly ran missions and when we got bored of that we shot each other in t1 frigs. Eventually we got bored of highsec and we moved to Ihakana and enjoyed the pirate lifestyle full time. We grew and formed the alliance IDLE EMPIRE and just had fun shooting stuff. Over time most of IDLE left and I moved back to mission blitzing and solo roaming.

In 2014 CCP created burner missions and I started focusing on burners, and helping others run burners on the forums and twich.

I’m interested in ongoing ship rebalancing efforts. Tiericide has been one of the best things I’ve seen in my time playing eve. The recent AF balance pass and March balance changes are things I want to see more of.

I’d also like to see some pve tweaks. LP stores have mostly been untouched since 2007, I would like to see some changes. I’m also interested in making more agents viable, telling everyone to go run SOE missions is pretty boring.

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