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Meredith en Thielles


I’m Kristan, but I’m known as Meredith en Thielles, and I exist for three things in game:

1) The lore
2) Finding space rocks,
3) Being the best diplo I can humanly be for both my alliance and the community at large when they ask me, “What is EVE Online?” while maintaining an alliance radio station targeted at fellow alliance and coalition members.

Outside of the game, I work in the financial industry by day, and I write books (published four times) and paint (my artwork has been displayed in a few galleries across North Ontario) in my spare time.

My community involvement includes:

- Donating my art to the EVE meets (starting with EVE North - that hand painted framed picture of a planet? That was my work.) to raise money for charity.
- Volunteering at the meets and conventions. I’m more of a hands on “it’s more fun as a volunteer” than sitting on the sidelines type. Someone asks for help, and I’m there.
- Working as a diplo for my alliance, SLYCE, as a point of contact for corp recruitment and helping new players and old alike get used to null sec if they haven’t been out there before.
- Maintaining an in-character blog on surviving EVE while doing it all in character.

What I stand for:

- Anti-bullying.
- Anti-botting.
- Helping others get into the game, whether as a brand new player or a returning one a little lost on the UI changes.
- Anything to do with industry.
- The meets and more ways for us to just be blue to each other outside of game.

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