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January Valentine

United States

I started playing at the tailend of 2014 after my friend showed me the ‘This Is Eve’ trailer and I’ve failed upwards since. I’ve been involved in nullsec blocs, small gang roams, daytripping in wormholes, capital production and market trading. One of my most rewarding choices was answering Matterall’s call for a production assistant for the Talking in Stations podcast two years ago. Today I’m the head producer for TiS and also help produce The Meta Show. I believe the common denominator for the ideal CSM member has always been the same: empathy, humbleness, willing to listen to sound counsel, decisive pragmatism, effective communication and a strong sense of duty to the player base. CCP has taken a vested interest in ensuring the longevity of Eve Online and are taking an active role in that measure. No longer is the mindset of letting perfect get in the way of the good, but more of a move fast and break things. Having good feedback is crucial to ensure CCP doesn’t start down the path of throwing things against a wall and hoping to find what sticks. The point of the CSM is not just advocacy but being a proper soundboard for CCP to gauge responses to changes to a wide variety of areas. Having a background that can understand what makes good feedback, what is reasonable and unreasonable, healthy and unsustainable is what makes the ideal CSM candidate. My job as producer is to understand what the current meta of Eve is shaping to be, to understand the pain points; the struggles of losing, evicting, starting over and on the other side, the victories, the conquests and the building of empires. In this, my background is ideal in providing a neutral, unbiased (or as little bias as possible) point of view on a wide variety of topics. Change is coming to Eve, that much has been made clear from CCP and I want to be by their side helping them make the most informed decision about the direction as possible. The job of the CSM to first and foremost investigate what the fundamental problems are in Eve and now more than ever the CSM needs a candidate that has excellent cross communication skills, that can listen not to respond but to understand. My job as a producer lives and dies by having the right reputation for finding truth in rumor, understanding the story of players in Eve Online and reaching out in the way that invites conversation.

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