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Evie Kouvo

United States

Now, I live a wandering life. I set up small gangs and flash forms for targets of opportunity. I log out in any section of space, in stations, or not. I will spend long stretches of time scanning chains of wormholes looking for people trying to clear combat sites. I try my hand at baiting responses from locals. I run bubble traps which prevent targets from landing on their home and often allows us to kill a target without resistance. I have run operations that use jump destroyers with combat scanners to move threats off the field allowing us to kill the targets we want. And I have run operations that call for a straight armor brawl against another fleet. My only issue with the diversity of tactics we have available to us is the frequency in which we get to use them. I would love to be running these operations and planning and tinkering every hour of playing.

Wormholes are self-regulating. As more people join and run sites and make isk, so do the rate of hunters however, the inverse is true as well. Many of us started in a wormhole, running a combat site for isk or huffing gas. I know, I started in a C4 running the combat sites in our C3 static to make isk barely checking directional scanners and unaware of the threat that could always be. I know without question that if the rate of new folk slow there will be less for everyone. I plan to stay true to that belief and work alongside CCP to bring new bros back to wormhole space so they too can rat, make isk, learn pvp, die in a fight, get back up again, and get better and better and better.

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