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Kali Omega

United States

My eve Life:

Like others before me i started to roam High-Sec, that got old quickly and i moved to Low-sec and joined -10 and camped Rancer for a bit. The low Sec pirate life did seem to be my ticket for a fun time and i enjoyed it so much that i joined “Shadow Cartel”. Under the leadership of W0wbagger i learned how to truly fight in small-medium gangs and how to fight outnumbered. So time went on and so did the people that i grew up with in Shadow Cartel, people went their ways and so did I. I found myself in Wormholes with “Friendly Probes” and started to become one of those scary people who fight with no local. But with all good things this had to end, as with most gamers i grew old and had a family. Which i am very thankful for. But this lead me to live a life in eve that is much more “casual” and relaxed. In closing i do not want to water down eve or make it to friendly, i would like to just keep the bitter vet playing while getting new players in.

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