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You will often hear me say things such as “a pessimist says no one should have that… an optimist says everyone should be able to have that”. This is because I have a less common outlook on gaming in general and a deliberate approach to my problem-solving process in EvE. This outlook combined with my experiences traveling this game in both a 15 person indy corp along with one of the largest groups in the game has led to the approaches I take.

I want to see everyone succeed in their own way and by their own measurement. While that may not be actually possible I strive to help as many as possible to reach that outcome. There is nothing I enjoy more in my life than helping someone to learn, to grow or to see someone I have helped succeed at a long-struggled task. I spend most of my recent game time in High security space teaching and training new players who seek knowledge through Karmafleet University but also run my main in Karmafleet.

I appreciate the time you took to read this, thank you and hopefully I will have earned your vote.

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